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Health at School
Adolescents gathered at school

There is a strong, well-established link between health and learning.

Students??health impacts attendance, test scores and the ability to pay attention in class. Emotional, social and physical health problems can become barriers to learning making it difficult for students to be academically or behaviorally successful in school. Schools are also workplaces that can support the well-being of teachers, staff, and visitors.

Healthy Kids Learn Better

Healthy Kids Learn Better Partnership (HKLB) works at the state and local level to foster partnerships between health and education stakeholders in order to reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning.

Oregon School-Based Health Centers

Oregon's School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are a unique health care model in which comprehensive physical, mental and preventive health services are provided to youth and adolescents in a school setting.

Task Force on School Nursing

Senate Bill 698 (2015) created the Task Force on School Nursing in response to continued concerns over the level of school nursing support provided to Oregon students. The Task Force is charged with providing recommendations for the future funding of health services in schools.